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  • 10/25/2021 - Taylor Lanoue Angley 0 Comments
    For Critically Ill Patients, Leaving The ICU is Just the Beginning

    The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on intensive care units and critically ill patients.
    Most of the focus has been on survival, which is the first goal. Someone heading into an
    intensive care unit is very ill, possibly being kept alive by a ventilator or some other piece of
    medical equipment. But surviving the ICU is only the first chapter.

    The second one is much longer, and it tells the story of recovery after the ICU. Being that ill has
    far-reaching effects. Significant losses of physical, mental and cognitive abilities after discharge
    aren't uncommon. This group of problems is called Post-Intensive Care Syndrome or PICS. It's
    a serious issue that's now recognized as a public health burden.

    The effects of PICS are wide-reaching. Physical declines can lead to serious difficulty
    completing basic daily tasks like getting to the bathroom, preparing a meal, or walking to the
    mailbox. 50% of ICU survivors still have limitations in daily activities 1 year later, showing how serious and long-lasting this problem is.
    Mental health issues are common for ICU survivors. They show significant rates of depression, anxiety and PTSD. These conditions have a real impact on the quality of life after leaving the ICU.

    ICU survivors also commonly show declines in cognitive abilities. 77% have cognitive impairments at 3 months post-discharge and 71% have impairments 1 year out. Cognitive
    issues can take the form of poor memory, slower thinking, difficulty making decisions, or difficulty concentrating.

    An important professional in combating PICS is the physical therapist. They typically begin seeing the patient in the ICU. PTs are vital in getting the patient up and walking early. A progressive exercise program is also started as soon as it's safe for the patient.

    While PICS isn't totally preventable, recognizing the losses that remain after discharge from the ICU is an important step. Involving physical therapists and other rehab professionals early helps
    combat the effects of PICS and allows patients to return to higher-quality lives.

    About The Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association

    Founded in 1956, the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association champions the success of physical therapist-owned businesses. Our members are leaders and innovators in the healthcare system. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
    represents more than 85,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students of physical therapy nationwide. For more information, please visit

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    05/12/2020 - Taylor Lanoue Angley 4 Comments
    Home Office Help


    We hear a lot about ‘ergonomics’ in the workplace but what exactly does that mean… defines it as "the study of how people work in their environment, an example of ergonomics is a study of how people who primarily sit in their office get work-related back injuries". So why do you think this is…well I’m going to tell you it all comes back to one word: POSTURE!! And with everyone working from home I guarantee that office chair you purchased to match the wallpaper was not exactly meant to keep you in proper posture for prolonged periods of time. So, how should we be sitting at our desks…

    • Level line of sight
    • Use headphones or volume turned all the way up in order to avoid leaning forward to hear
    • External keyboard with wrists in neutral
    • Hips slightly higher than your knees
    • Feet flat on the floor
    • Engage your stomach muscles to prevent stress on your lower back

    Still find yourself slouching…another option is converting that sitting desk to a standing desk! Make sure your distributing your weight evenly between both your feet though- no leaning to one side!

    Some other tips for working from home include: taking a break every hour to walk around and stretch, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy snacks and meals. Remember, now is the time to take control of your health! You’re not alone; we’re doing it together!

    Until next time,


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  • Physical Therapy Castleton, NY
    04/27/2020 - Taylor Lanoue Angley 4 Comments
    Telehealth Update!

    Just reaching out to update all of you on our telehealth platform that is officially up and running! Let’s answer some common questions first:


    1. What is ‘Telehealth’? Teleheath is an option for people to recieve physical therapy treatment within the comfort of their own homes via prescription of home exercise program, video chat, audio chat or text communication. 


    2. Who is eligible for Telehealth? In order to initiate your telehealth sessions you will need to have an initial evaluation that was performed in the clinic within the last year. Keep in mind: the clinic is still open for in person initial evaluations and then you may be treated via telehealth for your future appointments.


    3. Will my insurance cover Telehealth? Nearly all insurances are covering telehealth sessions with no cost to the patient (copays, co-insurance, etc.). This includes Medicare!


    4. How do I schedule my session? Simply EMAIL: TAYLOR@COMPREHENSIVEPTSOLUTIONS.COM and we will send you some times available for your appointments as well as information on the video platform we utilize, etc. 


    We look forward to hearing from you and initiating your telehealth experience! Remember, we’re all in this together and together we can come out of this happy, healthy and pain free!

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  • 11/19/2017 - comprehensivephysicaltherapysolutionspllc 822 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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