Physical Therapy Castleton, NY

Telehealth Update!

Just reaching out to update all of you on our telehealth platform that is officially up and running! Let’s answer some common questions first:


1. What is ‘Telehealth’? Teleheath is an option for people to recieve physical therapy treatment within the comfort of their own homes via prescription of home exercise program, video chat, audio chat or text communication. 


2. Who is eligible for Telehealth? In order to initiate your telehealth sessions you will need to have an initial evaluation that was performed in the clinic within the last year. Keep in mind: the clinic is still open for in person initial evaluations and then you may be treated via telehealth for your future appointments.


3. Will my insurance cover Telehealth? Nearly all insurances are covering telehealth sessions with no cost to the patient (copays, co-insurance, etc.). This includes Medicare!


4. How do I schedule my session? Simply EMAIL: TAYLOR@COMPREHENSIVEPTSOLUTIONS.COM and we will send you some times available for your appointments as well as information on the video platform we utilize, etc. 


We look forward to hearing from you and initiating your telehealth experience! Remember, we’re all in this together and together we can come out of this happy, healthy and pain free!

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